Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TOXIC WALTZ Preview, The Patriots & Thoughts on 2007

NECW is presenting its final event of 2007 this coming Friday night at the Armory in Quincy, MA. THE TOXIC WALTZ is one of our "signature events" - an event unique to NECW that is one of the high points of the year.

Before I even get to the WALTZ, we made a decision about a month ago to change the date of this event. It was supposed to be Saturday night, December 29th, but seeing that the New England Patriots could be deciding a potential undefeated season, we moved the show to the prior night. Hell, I want to stay home and watch that! So yes Virginia, you can enjoy NECW and the New England Patriots too.

If you're in the Boston area, or drivably close, THE TOXIC WALTZ is an event you want to go out of your way for. THE TOXIC WALTZ is a tradition dating back to 1998 in Mayhem Wrestling. It is one of the most unique concept matches I have ever heard of - a 10 man gauntlet match, with a unique twist and a very important reward. Nine men are selected. Two men begin and the loser of each fall chooses the winner's next opponent. The final loser can chose anyone in or out of NECW to face the last contestant, and the winner gets a shot at the NECW Triple Crown Championship in February at GENESIS 7. The loser of each fall picking the winner's opponent means anyone could face anyone - friend may be forced to battle friend. It's a one-of-a-kind bout where anything can happen.

The participants already signed for THE TOXIC WALTZ include: Former Triple Crown Champion, D.C. Dillinger, 2006-2007 IRON 8 Champion, “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, Michael Sain, “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks, Antonio “The Promise” Thomas, “The Talent” T. J. Richter, Scott Osbourne and Matt Spectro. The 10th man can be anyone in or out of NECW. This is an interesting field full of former titleholders, any and all of whom are still threats to the Triple Crown in NECW. This is one where anyone can end up on top and the winner will dictate the course of NECW for months to come.

We also have the huge rematch between NECW Triple Crown Champion, "Straight Edge" Brian Fury and Big Rick Fuller. Last month, Fuller won the match via count out, when Fury was distracted by Antonio Thomas. This time, no one will be allowed at ringside - not Fuller's manager, Brian Cairo, not Antonio Thomas, or anyone else, as I have stipulated that if anyone interferes in the match, they are gone from NECW. Last month, Fury gave Fuller an amazing fight and showed that he could more than hold his own against the big man. Fuller has a size, power and experience advantage that makes the champion the underdog in what will be an epic rematch.

NECW Television Champion, Brandon Locke defends his title against top contender, Handsome Johnny. The Handsome One is one of the top talents in the area and he is an asset to any locker room. He'll be a title holder in NECW in the future if he wants it bad enough. That being said, Brandon Locke has taken off like a rocket in NECW this year and rockets are hard to catch.

World Women's Wrestling Champion, Lexxus puts the gold on the line against newcomer, Sammi Lane, making her debut in Quincy. It will be interesting to see what Sammi Lane brings to the women's division. Lexxus has really blossomed into a strong and effective champion and her best days are in front of her.

Plus D.C. Dillinger says he and Alex Arion will confront each other face to face at THE TOXIC WALTZ. This past week on NECW TV, you saw Dillinger put Frankie Arion on the shelf permanently in NECW. Alex Arion is not going to let that pass without collecting some serious retribution.

In addition, there will be a tag team title qualifying match pitting the team of Dave Cole and Scott Osbourne against the duo of Chase Del Monte and "The Rocket" Fred Curry. These four are all great competitors. Cole was one half of the Canadian Superstars and held the tag belts for a year. That's all that needs to be said about his credentials. Scott Osbourne is going to be a very big deal in this business if he keeps moving forward like he has been. Del Monte is a great talent, who has yet to land in a position where he can really show off his potential. "The Rocket" Fred Curry is a guy who has so much potential and just needs a shot of confidence and the focus to pull his game together enough to where he can make an impact. This will be a very interesting bout to watch.

We have another tradition in NECW and that's our annual calendar. We always give then away at the last show of the year as a gift to our fans for their support. We do our very best to earn your patronage each and every time we open the doors.

2007 was an extraordinary year for us. I really believe that this incarnation of NECW is the best roster we have ever had. We have had some incredible matches, some compelling feuds and it has worked because we often drew more than other shows in the area with so-called "big names."

Please join us Friday night for what is going to be a really terrific night of wrestling. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Wishes, Bravo Kofi, TOXIC WALTZ

Is it me, or did this holiday season seem to be upon us too fast? What used to be a happy, spirited time of year just seems like a rush and a blur these days. That's probably a comment on our over-worked society more than anything else.

In any case, I hope you have a great holiday season and that at least one good wish of yours comes true.

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Nice to see Kofi Kingston getting called up to ECW with a push. Kofi worked for NECW a bit in 2006 before getting signed to a WWE developmental contract.

Kofi is a great guy, a first class individual and a terrific talent. You'll see him do great things because he had the right blend of undeniable charisma, quality athletics and the open minded respectful attitude that comes along with being a great student of the game.

I am looking forward to following what I think is going to be a stellar career for a very gifted and deserving man.

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Lots of things in the works for 2008 that I can't talk about yet, but I am looking forward to a great new year.

Before we get there though, NECW has its final event of 2007, THE TOXIC WALTZ, on Friday night, December 28 at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA.

THE TOXIC WALTZ is something that was originally developed in Mayhem Wrestling, was carried over into PWF Northeast and now into NECW. It's one of the most original concept matches I've ever heard of and something I am so proud to have as part of the promotion.

The idea is pretty simple. It's a 10 man gauntlet match, where the loser of each fall picks the winner's next opponent. Lots of interesting possibilities come out of this and that's what makes it such a brilliant concept.

This is one you don't want to miss. Check it out at