Thursday, July 26, 2007

Catching Up: Notes On Recent Shows, WWW This Sunday & More

It's been busy times here and we've got some catching up to do.

The June 30th NECW show in Quincy was another great house and another great night of action. It was especially good to see Fergal Devitt back in NECW - at least for one night - as he faced West Perth, Australia's Mikey Nichols in a first round NWA World Title Tournament match. This was a great bout with Fergal, the adopted home town hero, getting the "w."

Fergal, who spent a few months with us about a year and a half back, has become a rarity in the business - a foreign wrestling living and working full-time in Japan. "Prince" Fergal Devitt is a top young star with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is a name you will be hearing much more about in the years to come. Mikey Nicholls proved himself to be a great young star as well and another one who is a future superstar. If you were there on June 30th, you saw two of the wrestling world's best kept secrets in action.

The July 20th NECW show in Quincy was a tremendous event as well. The big news coming out of that card was "Straight Edge" Brian Fury finally getting the #1 contender's spot and facing D.C. Dillinger for the Triple Crown at BIRTHDAY BASH 7, Saturday night, August 18th inside a steel cage.

Fury has really come on strong since coming back from when Dillinger injured him in December. He's wrestled some of his best matches since that time as well, including his performance in the IRON 8 and last Friday epic battle with "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards. Does that mean Fury is a lock to defeat Dillinger in the cage? I'm not so sure.

In spite of all of his underhanded tactics and the those of the Dynasty, D.C. Dillinger has become a great wrestler in the past year. In my opinion, Dillinger hasn't had a bad match since becoming champion. The cage is indeed a weapon and with that added factor, it could be the champion with the advantage, though I think this one may be too close to call. One thing is certain. These guys are going to go out and give it 1000% at BIRTHDAY BASH 7, and you'd be wise not to miss it.

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Speaking of things you shouldn't miss, World Women's Wrestling returns this coming Sunday, August 12 at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA. It's a 7 PM bell time and it should be a wild night of action.

One of the great feuds this year has been Tanya Lee and Lexxus. This should be a barn burner of a bout as these two have really stepped it up in recent battles.

If you haven't seen World Women's Wrestling, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Simply put, WWW is the most unique pro wrestling promotion in America. Yeah, I know Shimmer gets all the "indy buzz," but WWW is something different. Not a collection of matches, but a real women's pro wrestling promotion.

I hope to see you there.

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Later this week, and I'll have a separate post dedicated to it, we will be uploading the 100th episode of NECW TV.

In the TV world, that's quite a milestone. We will have some classic clips on the show, as well as current matches and promos leading up to WWW and BIRTHDAY BASH 7. It will be a must-see episode, so look for it later this week.

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Hey Sheldon, I was just curious if NECW will have some more DVD releases soon, like Birthday Bash 05 and 06? Thanks!!!