Monday, January 07, 2008

WALTZ Notes, Thoughts on 2007 & 2008

The NECW year 2007 came to a close on Friday night, December 28th with the annual TOXIC WALTZ. You can read the complete results at the NECW website, and watch highlights on this week's NECW TV, but I thought I would share a few notes on the show.

The big news of course is Big Rick Fuller being crowned NECW Triple Crown Champion. Fuller is a long time veteran and a guy who deserved a big run in this business. It would not shock me if he got that run somewhere, foriegn or domestic, within the next year or so.

Max Bauer was the 2007 TOXIC WALTZ winner, and it was Bauer's night to shine. Max is a tremendously gifted kid. He's got size and power, but also is intelligent, well-spoken and a student of the game. Now that he is out of the shadow of T.J. Richter, look for Bauer to have a huge impact on NECW in the coming year.

2007 was a great year for NECW. It may well have been the best year as far as the in-ring product goes in the history of the company. Guys like Dillinger, Edwards, Fish, Fury, Locke, Fuller, Frost, Arion and so many others have had consistently good matches. Michael Sain coming back on the scene in dramatic fashion at BIRTHDAY BASH 7 was a highlight. The NWA Championship Tournament Matches were so memorable, especially the return to NECW of "Prince" Fergal Devitt from Ireland, who is now full time in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

2008 looks like it could be an even bigger year with the emergence of some talents like Max Bauer and Antonio Thomas.

Our focus right now is to examine our business and look for ways to improve every aspect of what we're doing. Much is in the works, and I can promise you that you will see a bigger and better NECW in 2008.

One thing to mark on your calendar and look forward to is the return of World Women's Wrestling on Sunday, March 9 at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA. This will be the second anniversary of WWW and you can look forward to seeing some great action on that date, including familiar faces and new talent as well.

While you won't see as many WWW shows as this past year, we have some big plans for that as well.

I got an e-mail this past week asking me about DVD releases. Right now, we have the 2007 IRON 8 in production. After that will be BIRTHDAY BASH 7, Best of 2007 and one or two WWW releases. We hope to step up DVD production and bring you some great releases in the new year.

Thanks for your support. I will have more later in the week.

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The Booker said...

Hopefully you can bring NECW to New York City and give this city what it has been thriving for for a long time. Good old fashioned pro wrestling. Hope you guys stop by here soon.