Monday, February 11, 2008

WWE Smackdown/OVW Thoughts, GENESIS 7 Notes, IRON 8 DVD This Saturday

I can't believe how busy it's been this past month. We have a lot of things going on in NECW and some cool stuff in the works for the warmer months. I'm really excited about GENESIS 7 this Saturday, but more on that later.

The big news stories in wrestling last week were the CW network dropping WWE's Smackdown and WWE ending their relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling as a developmental territory.

It seemed to me that CW dropping Smackdown was something totally out of left field. While I'm sure Smackdown will end up on another network (My Network TV seems most likely), I don't see NBC giving it a slot (or ABC or CBS for that matter). It may help boost My Network TV, which needs some destination programming, and WWE might be able to leverage a better upside for itself in terms of ad sales revenue.

The dropping of OVW as a developmental territory was no surprise to anyone in the business, as WWE is making a serious investment in the Florida Championhip Wrestling territory and consoldating its developmental programs there. I hope OVW continues on as an independent entity because quality promotions are a real need in today's business.

I am sorry to hear about my old friend Al Snow being released from his contract. He's one of the true good guys in the business. I hope Al continues to stay involved in wrestling.

Saturday night's GENESIS 7: BATTLE OF THE GIANTS is going to be a tremendous card. I am especially looking forward to the main event with Fuller and Bauer. But there is so much here that is going to rock the house - Edwards vs. Fish, Dillinger vs. Arion. Sain and Siks in a Dog Collar Match, New Tag Champions will be crowned, plus the TV Title match with Locke battling Handome Johnny, Ariel vs. Luscious Latasha and more. This one you don't want to miss. GENESIS is a New England tradition! Make sure you get tickets!

Also, we have just finished the IRON 8 DVD from this past year's tournament. This is the best DVD we've ever done. The IRON 8 is a unique event that really showcases the great athletic talent we have here in NECW. There aren't many truly original wrestling concepts, but the IRON 8 is one of them. This 2 disc set has over an hour's worth of extras, including never-before seen interviews will all of the IRON 8 Finalists and myself.

See you in Quincy this Saturday night!

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