Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WWW 2nd Anniversary This Sunday & Notes On The News

Lots going on in Goldberg-land these days, so I haven't had much time for blogging. There are a lot of things I do want to comment on so I will try and touch on some things now with a longer post next week.

This Sunday is the 2nd Anniversary of our World Women's Wrestling promotion taking place at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA.

The WWW shows have been some of the most creative stuff our company has done, and you can look forward to a terrific event this coming Sunday. We have a luncheon with the stars at 12:30 PM, which is a great event in and of itself. It's a chance for us to break bread with our most loyal fans and get to spend some quality one-on-one time with them. We have an informal Q & A and just a fun time with the folks who appreciate us most. This is not the typical indy wrestling Q & A. It's a real sincere personal experience and if you are close enough to get here, you really want to be a part of this.

The show itself starts at 3:00 PM and is topped by an interesting main event with Lexxus defending her title against "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel, who is putting up her career. We have The Daughters of Darkness, The Soul Sistahs, Amber, who is back after a long absence, the debuts of Sammi Lane, Roxie Cotton, Barbie and more. I promise you a great afternoon and sincerely hope you join us.

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One of the biggest pro wrestling stories recently is the move of WWE's Smackdown from the CW Network to MyNetwork TV.

I was actually glad to hear that news, because the MyNetwork stations need the ratings boost Smackdown will provide. WWE's programming will be a more valued player on that network and not an afterthought, which is important.

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show at WrestleMania: Boxer vs. wrestler gimmicks have been around for decades. While Mayweather isn't the kind of mainstream celeb like a Mike Tyson, it will still be a headline grabber. It just goes to show you that the old time gimmicks can be recycled for current times.

And about that alleged $20 million payday... If Floyd got it, bless his heart. I feel bad for some of the talent in WWE who are undervalued and underpaid, but it is often a business where value is anything but objective.

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