Friday, April 11, 2008

NECW Home Video Update: BIRTHDAY BASH 7 Ready Next Week

We have been making a real effort at getting more DVD releases into the marketplace. It's hard to do with limited staff and difficult schedules. But demand has been encouraging and they are a great calling card for our company.

I mentioned in my last blog that the BIRTHDAY BASH 7 DVD is almost ready to ship. BIRTHDAY BASH is our annual anniversary show and the biggest night of our year. I really enjoyed putting this one together, because it showcases more of the "storytelling" strengths of NECW. Every match on the show was part of a feud that was many months, and in some cases, over a year, in the making.

The DVD contains never-before-seen footage shot specifically for the DVD, as well as promos and a few great extras. Check out this preview:

The recently released DVD called The IRON 8 Championship is a 2 disc effort, also well worth your time. The annual IRON 8 tournament is an NECW creation and one of the few truly original events in our business. It's an 8 man tournament with a unique twist. Instead of the standard single elimination format all the way through, the event has a first round where the 8 men pair off into singles bouts and a final round where the 4 winners compete in a 4 way, 45 minute iron man match - most pinfalls or submissions wins.

The result is an athletic showcase like no other. All the action is covered, along with over an hour of bonus features and interviews.

Check out this preview:

We have more great releases planned for the next few months. They include:

NECW Best of 2007, WWW Best of 2007, WWW 2nd Annniversary, Genesis 7: Battle of the Giants and The Toxic Waltz.

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