Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame

The good folks at The Wrestling Clothesline have released the names of the inductees to their Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame for 2006. I'm honored to have been one of the voters for this particular Hall of Fame. (I also vote for inductees into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Shenectady, NY.)

The Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame, much like The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, is not a "bricks and mortar" establishment, but an effort to recognize the greats of the past and provide fans, wrestlers and students of the game with some historical perspective.

What I especially like about The Wrestling Clothesline's effort is the recognition of those on the independent scene, who don't get the recognition they deserve. Like it or not, independent promotions are the lifeblood of professional wrestling.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame this year is the late Dennis Coralluzzo. Dennis was a former NWA President and one of the last of the truly unique characters in professional wrestling. I am pleased to say that Dennis was a good and dear friend who left us way too soon. I know he is somewhere smiling and drinking an iced tea over that well deserved honor.

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