Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Interesting Times for NECW & WWW

We are getting ready for a big DOUBLE IMPACT WEEKEND with NECW & WWW. Two fantastic events are on tap with NECW in Quincy on Saturyday night and World Women's Wrestling at Good Time Emporium in Somerville on Sunday afternoon with a 3 PM bell time.

This is an interesting time for NECW, as well as World Women's Wrestling (which is referred to as Triple W for short). While we are not as widely covered by the Internet wrestling media as say an ROH, NECW is a vibrant and innovative regional company.

The NECW roster boasts a boatload of talent. From Evan Siks, the Triple Crown Champion on top, to D.C. Dillinger and Eddie Edwards, NECW Tag Team Champions, The Canadian Superstars, 2D Edge, Big Rick Fuller, R.I.O.T., NECW Television Champion, "The Talent" T.J. Richter to managers Sean Gorman and Brian Cairo and up and comers like The Wild Boys, Handsome Johnny, Max Bauer and Scott Reed (apologies to anyone I left out), there is a lot to like in NECW. If you follow our online TV shows - - it's there for you to see every week. These are the best wrestlers in the region. Not the upper class of wrestling school trainees. The best talent is drawn here, because they see things happening. They see bigger, more enthusiastic crowds and a company with a long and consistent track record.

World Women's Wrestling is a story unto itself. A year and a half ago, I ran two all women's shows, as part of a day/night doubleheader. The NECW crew at the time, and this was before the merger with PWF, were resistant to the women's shows to the point of blatant sabotage by the booker and a few of his co-horts. The women drew a receptive audience in spite of that and it was clear to me that a women's company would be viable. The experience of those first two shows was, in one way, a blessing, because it became clear to me that the women needed to stand alone with their own brand name and their own stand alone dates.

Once the shows were presented under the World Women's Wrestling name, it took off like a rocket.

The promotion features some of the best female wrestling talent around and the roster is constantly growing. The women are accomplished pro wrestlers and are presented as such. It is interesting to see how these girls rise to the occasion when given roles equal to how men are normally presented. It is completely fresh and entertaining and I have been very gratified by how fans, the stars and staff have accepted it. The sky is the limit for this company and you can look forward to seeing the same kind of innovation that has been a hallmark of NECW, applied to World Women's Wrestling.

If you have not experienced NECW or WWW before, you are in for a very big treat. Check out and for all the details of this DOUBLE IMPACT Weekend.

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