Saturday, November 04, 2006

Post Monster's Brawl Thoughts, Bischoff Book & More!

Thanks to everyone who came out last week for another stellar NECW event at the Armory in Quincy, MA.

I thought this event had great energy led by some feuds that are getting hotter by the month. The issues between "Hurricane" John Walters and Jason Blade are getting more complex with each outing. My take on Walters' "turn to the dark side" is that it was born out of frustration over not being able to regain the NECW Heavyweight Championship and beyond to the Triple Crown. However, on the recent edition of NECW Roundtable, both Evan Siks and Sean Gorman seem to think this attitude change was a calculated move. Wherever the truth lies, there is a passion in Walters' demeanor that makes him a much more interesting athlete to watch. Walters and Blade are two of the best ring technicians in the game right now and each of their collisions has been memorable. They will do it again on November 18th with the count out rule waived and I am looking forward to that one.

Kristian Frost and Brian Fury are in the thick of battle these days. Fury scored a victory last weekend over Frost in a bout that could have gone either way. After the match, Frost laid out Fury with a set of handcuffs and Fury has challenged Frost to a "Handcuffs On a Pole" Match on November 18. Frost and Fury are both marquee athletes who are going to do huge things in NECW in the future.

The Canadian Superstars continue to frustrate their opposition - as well as management. It is a credit to this team that have been so dominant. But their manhandling of Matt and Kyle Storm was as difficult to accept for me as it was for them. I hope that the Storms decide not to hang them up, as they are a team with much to offer.

Of course, the buzz is all about the mystery partner Evan Siks produced last weekend in "Big" Rick Fuller. Talk about impact players! Fuller is going to have a gigantic impact in NECW. It's good to have the big man in house. Fuller and I go back to the days of late, great "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble. Rick has always been a class act and has deserved a much higher profile in this industry. Do not be surprised if that injustice is rectified within the parameters of NECW.

Thinking about the current state of affairs in NECW, I think this is the most interesting and talent-rich roster in the history of the promotion. That is no knock on anyone in the company's past.

For those of you who have not yet seen NECW or WWW live or who haven't been in a while, we have a very unique opportunity this month. We're calling it a "Double Impact Weekend" an NECW event on Saturday night, November 18 in Quincy (7 PM bell time) and a World Women's Wrestling event the next afternoon at Good Time Emporium in Somerville (3 PM bell time). This is a great opportunity to see the best wrestling New England has to offer and the phenomenon that is World Women's Wrestling.

I read Eric Bischoff's new book, Controversy Creates Cash and highly recommend it to anyone who is a true student of the wrestling business. There will be debate over the veracity of many of the things Eric says in the book, but it is a real education on how pro wrestling got to where it is right now and what the realities of the industry are today. I have had a few personal dealings with Eric over the years and I have a very high opinion of him personally. He is a creative guy with a great work ethic and a "can-do" persona. That describes a lot of successful people and Eric is cast in that mold.

I want to thank Doc Young and Les Thatcher for having me on their Wrestling Weekly radio show this past week. We talked about NECW and World Women's Wrestling amongst other topics. Les Thatcher is one guy that I have so much admiration and respect for. In his four decade career, Les has literally done it all from wrestling (including a stint as World Jr. Heavyweight Champion) to promoting to booking to producing and announcing TV, as well as training young wrestlers. What I marvel at most with Les is that he stills passionately follows the current product and listing to his weekly show is a real education. I hope we can get Les to this area again in 2007 for a training camp.

Next week is the 7th anniversary of the death of "The Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble. Rumble was my best friend and a guy I would go to the wall for again and again. If you didn't know him, words probably won't do him justice, but he was one of those true characters - a larger than life figure who was loved by many and who lived and - sadly - died for this business we call professional wrestling. I think about Tony everyday and the more time goes by the more I realize that he was truly one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated. I hope that he is at peace and surrounded by the family he cherished and the friends he treasured.

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