Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last Sunday's World Women's Wrestling event was a terrific event in front of another full house at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA. Congratulations to Lexxus who defeated Tanya Lee, along with Jana and Natalia to become the 3rd World Women's Wrestling Champion in a bout that quite simply has to be seen to be believed. Ths was one of the most intense title matches we've presented and one of the wildest bouts in the history of the company. I see Lexxus as someone who will really rise to the occasion in the role of champion and I look forward to seeing her defend the title.

Jana suffered a mild concussion in that title match and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. She was able to go home the same night and will be fine with a couple of weeks rest. Jana is a true bright spot in World Women's Wrestling and someone who has a lot to give to our business.

Luscious Latasha made her debut Sunday night, so the Soul Sistahs (Jana & Latasha) are united now in WWW. Lastasha was impressive in her bout with former NECW Women's Champ, Violet Flame and will be another "impact player" in the promotion.

Some thoughts on Tanya Lee, whose 10 month reign as champion was halted this past Sunday. It's possible that she could recapture that title, as she does have a rematch scheduled for this coming Saturday at BIRTHDAY BASH 7. However, Tanya deserves props for her perfomance as WWW Champion. She has had some terrific matches and is still young enough to grow even more as a wrestler, should she apply herself to that end. She has looks, talent, athletic ability and is only scratching the surface of her capabilities.

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NECW Home Video has two new DVD's that are done and coming out on the market shortly.

World Women's Wrestling's PICK YOUR POISON was a great night of action from February 25, 2007. The main event of Tanya Lee vs. Nikki Roxx is worth the price of the DVD alone.

NECW's Best of 2006 is a long-awaited release that will be available at BIRTHDAY BASH 7 this weekend and online the following week. This is a special 2 disc set of the best matches of the past year. There are 12 full length bouts on the two discs, and roughly 7 hours of great matches. Three of those bouts are World Women's Wrestling matches. This is really a great representation of what NECW and WWW are all about and I am really excited about this release.

We hope to be stepping up our DVD releases and we have a couple more titles in the works that should be available in the next 60 days.

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This Saturday night is BIRTHDAY BASH 7: CAGED FURY, the 7th anniversary of New England Championship Wrestling.

The story of NECW is a story of making positives out of negatives and trying to make our company and our business better as we go along. Our seven years of continuous operation, innovative concepts, like NECW TV, great cards and great local stars speaks for itself.

This could not be done without the staff, the wrestlers and the fans. I am also blessed with great partners who have embraced my vision of what wrestling in New England can and should be and have worked hard with me side-by-side to make that vision a reality.

Saturday night is about the triumph of local stars and local promotion. I promise you an unforgettable night of action that the true fan will not want to miss. I look forward to seeing you there on Saturday night and will look forward to thanking as many of you as posible in person for your support.

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