Monday, September 22, 2008


Saturday night's AUTUMN UNLEASHED event at the Armory in Quincy was a great outing for NECW. We had a terrific crowd on hand to witness one of our best cards of the year.

There is a full report online now at, but here are a few of my notes:

We had three stars visiting from Australia in Ryan Eagles, Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay. All three made a tremendous showing for themselves and you'll be seeing their matches in upcoming episodes of NECW TV.

The triple threat tag team title match was excellent. The champions, PRIDE, showed why they are one of the most durable teams in New England wrestling history. In fact, Freitas and Nunes are textbook examples of how a good tag team can create a value for themselves that is greater than the sum of their parts. They are a great centerpiece to the tag team division, which is heating up big time with Team Nightmare and The Crown Jewels doing some tremendous work.

Pat's Pit was an eventful segment that ended up with Sean Gorman losing an impromptu "Loser Leaves NECW" match to Pat Piper. Gorman is gone for no less than 90 days, which made the Quincy fans happy. I would not count on Gorman being gone for good however. The wily "Manager of Champions" is sure to use his "time off" to plan and scheme his way back into the thick of things in NECW.

I have been really enjoying the feud between NECW Television Champion, Handsome Johnny and former titleholder, "The Real Deal" Brandon Locke. Their matches have been outstanding and it will be almost sad to see one eventually prevail over the other. Handsome & Locke write what could be the final chapter of their epic at THE TOXIC WALTZ on November 1 in a rematch with no time limit.

Makoto is becoming a great attraction for NECW. The masked man from the Orient adds a little exotic flavor with both his ring attire and his action-oriented style.

The women's tag match was very well executed and the fans really responded to this one. (They responded to everything really. Just a great crowd.)

The main event was a memorable one to say the least. The Alex Arion turn came out of nowhere and the hush that came over the crowd was amazing when Arion struck Max Bauer with the Triple Crown title belt the first time.

I really enjoyed coming out at intermission and meeting our fans. It gives me a chance to thank people personally for their support of our promotion. I have always been a big believer in "the personal touch." In this day and age, people have almost unlimited choices for their entertainment. I am always honored and grateful that they chose our event on that night, and it is never lost on me that their patronage is not a given or a guarantee.

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