Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Not-So-Random Thoughts

We will have open phone lines on this week's Mouthpiece Wrestling Show this Friday at 6 PM Eastern on 1510 The Zone in Boston.

It's a somewhat abreviated show this week, as we will have to cut away at 6:45 for a Harvard Football pre-game show. This will be the only week we will have to do this, so we want to open up the phone lines to as many of you as possible. I will be giving away some prizes tomorrow too, so tune in if you can or listen live online if you are outside the Greater Boston area.

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To answer Josh Ray's comment from my last post (Josh's comments in italics):

I hope you aren't suggesting that I am a know-it-all, haha. If I was one then I would have already attempted to put on a show instead of treading softly and (GASP!) building relationships and reasearching.

Josh, I am not suggesting you are a know-it-all. I am suggesting that if you haven't worked in the business on any level than you have no idea of the scope of what you're trying to do.

I have no desire to be a full time promoter. I'd like to help those that are already out there (specially the wrestlers) promote themselves.

I am not technically a full-time promoter, but I can tell you that I spend upwards of 50 hours a week on all things NECW, along with other employment and a radio show.

Also, wrestlers should not promote themselves. Ideally, that's what promoters do. I say ideally, because most promoters, at least on the independent level, do not really build talent. They just put on shows.

You're right that wrestlers should try harder to help the promotion they work for be more successful, but many of them probably feel that they do enough for $50 (or less). That's just two cents from a guy that "takes a different approach".

One thing I have learned in my years of being involved in wrestling is that it is a small world and reputations can build or deteriorate quickly. Independent wrestling is not a business, generally speaking, where much money is made, if any is made at all. Independent shows are where talent gain experience and build a reputation. The size of the pay day is irrelevant. When you walk in any dressing room, you should be prepared to do your best and leave a good impression. People who make a positive impression with both their work and their attitude are generally the ones who get booked and become sought after.

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It has been a challenging week for me personally.

I was diagnosed last week with Type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, it is reversible and I have already made some significant lifestyle changes in order to reach that goal.

It was also a wake up call and put some perspective on what is most important in life. So please take care of yourselves and keep your head where it ought to be.


Josh Ray said...

hank you for the reply. It is definitely something to listen to and take close to heart.

I have been working behind the scenes conducting interviews and have tried my hand at snapping some snapshots. I'm currently sponsoring matches and running a website with the goal of bringing more fans to Midwest indy pro wrestling.

It's a start and I am building off that. I would never try to run a show without knowing what I'm getting into! In the area I cover, Illinois is a prime example of what happens with no regulations to follow and a bunch of these promoters that you are describing... it's crazy!

Sorry to hear about the Type 2 Diabetes. I'm an Iraqi war veteran with a messed up back and knee which limits my exercise regimine. I am 27 years old and have high blood pressure and cholesterol... I've had to learn to take it slower and stay active on bikes rather than running. Eating healthy is something else that my wife is helping with.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon, thanks for your fun and sometimes serious blog posts and for the work you put into NECW.

I am happy to hear about your determination to make some lifestyle changes for your health. I wish you the best with this. It can be done!